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Selling the New Corporate Narrative

02 September 2022

I’ve always dreamed of having my first “blazer moment.” Heels, black slacks (with pockets of course), and a baby blue blazer for a pop of color. On my first day at Adobe, I quickly realized that this so-called blazer moment would be a converse, jeans, and Patagonia vest moment.

Don’t get me wrong, I could have showed up in that blazer. And one day, I probably will. However, I realized those Pinterest pages we’ve all created at one point or another with CEO day fits is not necessarily the standard anymore.

My wardrobe was not the only miscalculation. As my time with Adobe progressed, not only did I learn how to sell cutting edge software, but I was sold on the new corporate narrative.

Welcome to my pitch deck.

In the movies, interns worry about messing up coffee orders and filing papers in the wrong order. In my experience, the word intern should not be minimized. It is an opportunity to learn from your peers, mentors, and leaders and flex muscles you never knew you had. My mentor was my biggest cheerleader, always on the sideline rooting for Team Ashley. My managers felt like my work moms, wanting only what was best for me and providing me with the tools I needed to succeed. Most importantly, there were no complicated lattes to order or papers to file, but meaningful project requests and productive conversations.

Of course, my story is only a page in the corporate narrative. With this in mind, I asked my colleagues, from fellow interns to women in leadership, to share theirs.

Here’s what they had to say:

As you can see, the story of Corporate America is filled with a collection of characters, plots, and themes. It could go on forever, and will continue to unfold through every project, presentation, and coffee chat.

When I reflect on this narrative, I find the greatest theme of all to be community. So as I think back on my outfit choice that first day… it really didn’t matter what I wore.

Blazer or vest, heels or converse, you’ll be welcomed with open arms into the #AdobeLife.