A journey of self-motivation, smoothies, and shenanigans

Green Grapes

24 March 2021

There is nothing comparable to the feeling of crunching into a crisp green grape. My family and I hold an odd green grape obsession due to the endless cycle we often find ourselves in: Go to Trader Joes. Buy new green grapes. Return home only to discover we already have grapes. Eat the older grapes first so they don’t go to waste. Repeat.

What bothers me about this endless loop is that I never get to eat the grapes in their prime form - crunchy, cold, and juicy. By the time we finish the older grapes, the new grapes are old too! One day, I put on my big girl pants and walked up to my dad - who, mind you, wouldn’t hurt a fly - and said:

“Dad, sometimes I just want to eat the fresh green grapes, even if it means sacrificing the old ones.”

From this day forward, referencing green grapes became a metaphor for any and all family indulgence in the Raizes household.

On one hand, my Dad is someone who often forgets to indulge in the green grapes of life due to his constant need for sacrifice and discipline. He has taught me how to plan for the future and save money for a “rainy day.” My mom, on the other hand, chooses to indulge in green grapes frequently by living life spontaneously and carefree. She has modeled the idea that life is too short to constantly plan for the unpredictable storm.

Green grapes continue to be the driving force behind my life choices. From my parents’ habits, I have found a balance between over indulging on green grapes and failing to savor them. Whether it be paying for overpriced movies, eating liquid nitrogen ice cream with my friends, or spending a Mother-Daughter day at the mall, I make sure to take moments for pure pleasure. Nonetheless, I must earn these moments of indulgence through practical decisions and hard work. My jobs (both past and present) have ensured my acquisition of the occasional green grape indulgence. I can still feel the throbbing blisters on my thumbs from folding countless pizza boxes and serving piping hot plates at Primo’s Pizza. The drying effects of chlorine linger long after my shift has ended at Splash Swim School.

These moments, although not the sweetest, serve the purpose of cultivating my discipline and patience. But most importantly, these are the moments that make the sweeter ones possible.