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Why Pinterest is "Not Like Other Girls"

29 March 2021

We’ve all been there. Endlessly scrolling on social media only to find ourselves comparing, doubting, and questioning ourselves. Or maybe you’ve stalked your own feed and felt like an imposter. Abs? Flexing. Skin? Good lighting. Smile? Forced. Either way, modern use of social media is set up as a basis of comparison to the other girl.

The “Other Girl’s” Profile

Let me introduce you to the other girls, shall we? Don’t worry, they don’t bite.


This girl likes to reminisce on the good ol’ times. She stays in touch with childhood friends from preschool and cousins who live on the other side of the country. She loves meeting new people, but her social battery can run out quickly. Also, know that if the “Cupid Shuffle” plays in any public setting, she is morally obligated to dance along. When she is not dancing like no one is watching, she is up at 6am tucking a collared shirt into her favorite pair of skinny jeans and lacing up low-rise converse for her hip job in the Bay Area.


Like Facebook, Snapchat is a social butterfly. She was well-known in high school and had a lot of friends, although sometimes they didn’t always have her back. She keeps up with the trends, wearing Nike Air Force Ones and drinking Yerba Mate’s on the daily. She has neck problems from being on her phone all day and will probably tell you she “is literally dead” because of it (but, obviously, she’s not).


You can find Instagram at Target in baggy sweatpants, fuzzy socks, and a messy bun on Sunday nights. On Mondays, she watches The Bachelor with her BFFs eating a pint of Ben and Jerry’s. By Tuesday, she has already read the spoilers on Reality Steve. Don’t be surprised if she never shows emotion - she uses sarcasm as a coping mechanism. So, when she says “Dude, I can’t even,” she probably can even, whatever that means!


Introducing, YouTube. She has a lot of guy friends who are secretly in love with her and is considered a “guy’s girl.” She’s too busy playing sports to be in a relationship in the first place and would rather watch videos of Emma Chamberlain in her free time. Her favorite saying is “here for a good time not a long time” so catch her doing stand-up comedy and cliff-jumping for fun.

The Downfall

The other girls are tough shells to crack. They are hard to get to know and don’t open up to just anybody. Insecure behind closed doors, yet confident in front of a crowd, these girls set false standards for the little sisters of the world. Although it may not be intentional, the other girls basically coined the term FOMO (fear of missing out). They can get so caught up in their own lives they forget to invite the new girl to sit with them at lunch.

“I’m Not Like Other Girls”


From a young age, Pinterest was a dreamer. She wanted to cook new meals, pick up new hobbies, and travel the world. Her passion for life is contagious, as she brings everyone the inspiration to create a life they love. She is the kind of gal who will encourage you to manifest anything big or small - from that fixer upper on the country side to the rose tattoo you’ve been wanting for years (don’t worry, she’s good at keeping secrets if you want to hide certain dreams from your dad).

The girl you want to bring home to your parents, Pinterest is the perfect partner in crime - constantly working on herself and rooting for others along the way.

So, is it wrong to be like the other girls? No! All girls should support other girls, and Pinterest is just the place to do that.